EXIF(Metadata) Viewer Online Tool

About EXIF(Metadata) Viewer Online Tool:

This online EXIF/Metadata viewer helps you to extract exif information from photo, such as longtitude, latitude, camera info and so on.

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What is Exif?

In the Apple IOS Album App, all photos you token is organized by location and date, how does Apple know these information? Do you know a photo is not just about pixel and color? It also contains information about GPS location, Camera information, time and date and so on.

Images Cache Policy:

All uploaded Images will be deleted after 1 hour, so please download the result as soon as possible. DO NOT use this server as your image hosting service.

Extract exif information from Image with Python (with package exifread):

import exifread

origin_file_path = './origin.jpg'

with open(origin_file_path, "rb") as image_file:
    tags = exifread.process_file(image_file)

for key in tags.keys():
    value = str(tags[key])
    print('{0}:{1}'.format(key, value))