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What is IP address?

Just like your real life mail address used to receive Amazon package, IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a label to mark your location in the Internet, so other computers (mostly website servers) know where to send the data.

There are two kinds of IP address. Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). IPv6 used a 128 bits number to mark your location, though IPv6 will not be used widely in next 10 years. IPv4 used a 32 bits number to mark your location ( ~, which means it has totally 2^32 = 4,294,967,296 unique address. (4 billion is not a large number !!!).

Most likely, the device you are using right now, doesn't has a unique IPv4 public address, however, a private address is used. Your router has a dedicate public IP address and works as a pub to transit all the Internet traffic to the outside world. This technology is called NAT (Network address translation). NAT can not only save IPv4 address, but also provide you an extra layer of security protection.

Why should I care about IP address?

Privacy. Your IP address might expose your real geographical information (which country and which city). VPN or proxy is often used by people who wants to change his/her Internet location. It's a trade off between which authority do you trust more, your IPS (Internet Service Provider) is national large companies that work with government. On the other hand, VPN providers build their business based on protect its customer's privacy but you didn't know for sure whether they collect your browsing history. For advanced users, I suggest using Tor, one VPN tunnel following by another VPN tunnel. So no one can know your real IP address.

More information about IP:

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Find IP location with Python (with free and unlimited API provided by

import requests
import json

ip_json_str ='', data={'queryIp': ''}).text
ip_json = json.loads(ip_json_str)

print('IP address:', ip_json['ip'])
print('Country:', ip_json['country_name'])
print('Region:', ip_json['region_name'])
print('City:', ip_json['city_name'])
print('Latitude:', ip_json['latitude'])
print('Longitude:', ip_json['longitude'])