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About Traceroute Online Tool:

This online traceroute tool return traceroute result from Linux server. You can choose from three different technics (IMCP ECHO package, TCP SYN package, UDP package) to do the traceroute query.

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Why Traceroute?

Have you noticed that some websites are fast while other websites are slow? It's because some web servers are closed to you (fewer router between web server with you). For example, you visit a website located in China from US, there are more than 10 routers for the traffic to transmit, that means the package has been copied and pasted more than 10 times.

Traceroute is the tool to measure how many routers between two IP Addresses and the latency added on each hup. In addition, you can track the path of the traffic, include how many IPS (Internet service provider) its involved, how many countries it traveled, and what IP Address every router is assigned.

How to use Traceroute in professional field?

In network management, traceroute tool can be used to get a peek at the tree structure of the network, where does each router directly connect. In High Frequency Trading, speed is everything. Traceroute tool can be used choose the location to set the software to get maximum performance.

More information about Traceroute:

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Traceroute in Linux (Ubuntu):

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Traceroute Command in Linux:

       traceroute - print the route packets trace to network host

       traceroute [-46dFITUnreAV] [-f first_ttl] [-g gate,...]
               [-i device] [-m max_ttl] [-p port] [-s src_addr]
               [-q nqueries] [-N squeries] [-t tos]
               [-l flow_label] [-w waittimes] [-z sendwait] [-UL] [-D]
               [-P proto] [--sport=port] [-M method] [-O mod_options]
               [--mtu] [--back]
               host [packet_len]
       traceroute6  [options]
       tcptraceroute  [options]
       lft  [options]

root@instance-1:/var/log/apache2# traceroute -I -q 3
traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
 1 (  13.006 ms  13.016 ms  13.017 ms
 2 (  13.670 ms  13.725 ms  13.724 ms
 3 (  21.087 ms  21.065 ms  21.073 ms
 4 (  14.775 ms  14.701 ms  14.773 ms
 5 (  14.626 ms  14.762 ms  14.762 ms
 6 (  14.979 ms  13.725 ms  13.780 ms