Compress PNG (keep Transparency) Online Tool

About Compress PNG (keep Transparency) Online Tool:

This online bulk compress PNG online tool helps you to reduce png PNG size while keep its transparency, to transmit image/photo faster cross Internet.

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How does PNG format support transparent background?

While JPEG uses RGB color for each pixel, PNG format uses RGBA for each pixel. 'A' stands for opacity, it means if we set the background opacity to 0%, the background will be transparent.

PNG vs JPEG Image Format Comparison:

Category PNG JPEG
Compress Level lossless format lossy format
EXIF Don't Support EXIF Support EXIF
Transparency Support Transparency Don't Support Transparency
Most Use Case created images photographs

Images Cache Policy:

All uploaded Images will be deleted after 1 hour, so please download the result as soon as possible. DO NOT use this server as your image hosting service.

Compress PNG with Python (with package Pillow):

from PIL import Image # pip3 install pillow

origin_file_path = './origin.png'
compressed_file_path = './compressed.png'

original_image =
original_image.convert('P'), optimize=True, quality=80)