HTML Beautifier Online Tool

About HTML Beautifier Online Tool:

This online html beautifier tool helps you to format raw HTML file so it can easily be read by human being.

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More information about HTML (Hypertext Markup Language):

W3 HTML 5.2 standard:

RFC 7992 (HTML):

Python Implementation of HTML (BeautifulSoup):

HTML Formatter with Python (with package BeautifulSoup):

def html_beautify(input_str):
    input_str = BeautifulSoup(input_str, 'html.parser').prettify()
    result = ''
    indent_str = '    '
    for line in input_str.split('\n'):
        lstrip_line = line.lstrip(' ')
        indent_len = len(line) - len(lstrip_line)
        formatted_line = indent_len * indent_str + lstrip_line
        result = result + formatted_line + '\n'
    return result