ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) 是最广泛使用的字符编码标准. 标准ASCII 有7 bits长度, 共128个不同的字符. 扩展ASCII 有8 bits长度, 256个不同的字符. 版权符号 © 就定义在扩展ASCII表之中.

表1: ASCII控制字符 (不可显示):

ASCII code (10进制) ASCII code (2进制) ASCII code (8进制) ASCII code (16进制) Char (字符) Description (简介)
00000NULLNull character
01111SOHStart of Header
021022STXStart of Text
031133ETXEnd of Text, hearts card suit
0410044EOTEnd of Transmission, diamonds card suit
0510155ENQEnquiry, clubs card suit
0611066ACKAcknowledgement, spade card suit
091001119HTHorizontal Tab
10101012aLFLine feed
11101113bVTVertical Tab, male symbol, symbol for Mars
12110014cFFForm feed, female symbol, symbol for Venus
13110115dCRCarriage return
14111016eSOShift Out
15111117fSIShift In
16100002010DLEData link escape
17100012111DC1Device control 1
18100102212DC2Device control 2
19100112313DC3Device control 3
20101002414DC4Device control 4
21101012515NAKNAK Negative-acknowledge
22101102616SYNSynchronous idle
23101112717ETBEnd of trans. block
25110013119EMEnd of medium
2811100341cFSFile separator
2911101351dGSGroup separator
3011110361eRSRecord separator
3111111371fUSUnit separator

Table 2: ASCII符号 (可显示):

ASCII code (10进制) ASCII code (2进制) ASCII code (8进制) ASCII code (16进制) Char (字符) Description (简介)
331000014121!Exclamation mark
341000104222"Double quotes ; Quotation mark ; speech marks
351000114323#Number sign
361001004424$Dollar sign
371001014525%Percent sign
391001114727'Single quote or Apostrophe
401010005028(round brackets or parentheses, opening round bracket
411010015129)parentheses or round brackets, closing parentheses
43101011532b+Plus sign
45101101552d-Hyphen, minus sign
46101110562e.Dot, full stop
47101111572f/Slash, forward slash, fraction bar, division slash
4811000060300number zero
4911000161311number one
5011001062322number two
5111001163333number three
5211010064344number four
5311010165355number five
5411011066366number six
5511011167377number seven
5611100070388number eight
5711100171399number nine
60111100743c<Less-than sign
61111101753d=Equals sign
62111110763e>Greater-than sign ; Inequality
63111111773f?Question mark
64100000010040@At sign
65100000110141ACapital letter A
66100001010242BCapital letter B
67100001110343CCapital letter C
68100010010444DCapital letter D
69100010110545ECapital letter E
70100011010646FCapital letter F
71100011110747GCapital letter G
72100100011048HCapital letter H
73100100111149ICapital letter I
7410010101124aJCapital letter J
7510010111134bKCapital letter K
7610011001144cLCapital letter L
7710011011154dMCapital letter M
7810011101164eNCapital letter N
7910011111174fOCapital letter O
80101000012050PCapital letter P
81101000112151QCapital letter Q
82101001012252RCapital letter R
83101001112353SCapital letter S
84101010012454TCapital letter T
85101010112555UCapital letter U
86101011012656VCapital letter V
87101011112757WCapital letter W
88101100013058XCapital letter X
89101100113159YCapital letter Y
9010110101325aZCapital letter Z
9110110111335b[square brackets or box brackets, opening bracket
9210111001345c\Backslash, reverse slash
9310111011355d]box brackets or square brackets, closing bracket
9410111101365e^Circumflex accent or Caret
9510111111375f_underscore, understrike, underbar or low line
96110000014060`Grave accent
97110000114161aLowercase letter a, minuscule a
98110001014262bLowercase letter b, minuscule b
99110001114363cLowercase letter c, minuscule c
100110010014464dLowercase letter d, minuscule d
101110010114565eLowercase letter e, minuscule e
102110011014666fLowercase letter f, minuscule f
103110011114767gLowercase letter g, minuscule g
104110100015068hLowercase letter h, minuscule h
105110100115169iLowercase letter i, minuscule i
10611010101526ajLowercase letter j, minuscule j
10711010111536bkLowercase letter k, minuscule k
10811011001546clLowercase letter l, minuscule l
10911011011556dmLowercase letter m, minuscule m
11011011101566enLowercase letter n, minuscule n
11111011111576foLowercase letter o, minuscule o
112111000016070pLowercase letter p, minuscule p
113111000116171qLowercase letter q, minuscule q
114111001016272rLowercase letter r, minuscule r
115111001116373sLowercase letter s, minuscule s
116111010016474tLowercase letter t, minuscule t
117111010116575uLowercase letter u, minuscule u
118111011016676vLowercase letter v, minuscule v
119111011116777wLowercase letter w, minuscule w
120111100017078xLowercase letter x, minuscule x
121111100117179yLowercase letter y, minuscule y
12211110101727azLowercase letter z, minuscule z
12311110111737b{braces or curly brackets, opening braces
12411111001747c|vertical-bar, vbar, vertical line or vertical slash
12511111011757d}curly brackets or braces, closing curly brackets
12611111101767e~Tilde ; swung dash

表3: ASCII扩展字符:

ASCII code (10进制) ASCII code (2进制) ASCII code (8进制) ASCII code (16进制) Char (字符) Description (简介)
1281000000020080ÇMajuscule C-cedilla
1291000000120181ületter u with umlaut or diaeresis, u-umlaut
1301000001020282életter e with acute accent or e-acute
1311000001120383âletter a with circumflex accent or a-circumflex
1321000010020484äletter a with umlaut or diaeresis, a-umlaut
1331000010120585àletter a with grave accent
1341000011020686åletter a with a ring
1351000011120787çMinuscule c-cedilla
1361000100021088êletter e with circumflex accent or e-circumflex
1371000100121189ëletter e with umlaut or diaeresis ; e-umlauts
138100010102128aèletter e with grave accent
139100010112138bïletter i with umlaut or diaeresis ; i-umlaut
140100011002148cîletter i with circumflex accent or i-circumflex
141100011012158dìletter i with grave accent
142100011102168eÄletter A with umlaut or diaeresis ; A-umlaut
143100011112178fÅCapital letter A with a ring
1441001000022090ÉCapital letter E with acute accent or E-acute
1451001000122191æLatin diphthong ae in lowercase
1461001001022292ÆLatin diphthong AE in uppercase
1471001001122393ôletter o with circumflex accent or o-circumflex
1481001010022494öletter o with umlaut or diaeresis ; o-umlaut
1491001010122595òletter o with grave accent
1501001011022696ûletter u with circumflex accent or u-circumflex
1511001011122797ùletter u with grave accent
1521001100023098ÿLowercase letter y with diaeresis
1531001100123199ÖLetter O with umlaut or diaeresis ; O-umlaut
154100110102329aÜLetter U with umlaut or diaeresis ; U-umlaut
155100110112339bøLowercase slashed zero or empty set
156100111002349c£Pound sign ; symbol for the pound sterling
157100111012359dØUppercase slashed zero or empty set
158100111102369e×Multiplication sign
159100111112379fƒFunction sign ; f with hook sign ; florin sign
16010100000240a0áLowercase letter a with acute accent or a-acute
16110100001241a1íLowercase letter i with acute accent or i-acute
16210100010242a2óLowercase letter o with acute accent or o-acute
16310100011243a3úLowercase letter u with acute accent or u-acute
16410100100244a4ñeñe, enie, spanish letter enye, lowercase n with tilde
16510100101245a5ÑSpanish letter enye, uppercase N with tilde, EÑE, enie
16610100110246a6ªfeminine ordinal indicator
16710100111247a7ºmasculine ordinal indicator
16810101000250a8¿Inverted question marks
16910101001251a9®Registered trademark symbol
17010101010252aa¬Logical negation symbol
17110101011253ab½One half
17210101100254ac¼Quarter, one fourth
17310101101255ad¡Inverted exclamation marks
17410101110256ae«Angle quotes, guillemets, right-pointing quotation mark
17510101111257af»Guillemets, angle quotes, left-pointing quotation marks
17610110000260b0Graphic character, low density dotted
17710110001261b1Graphic character, medium density dotted
17810110010262b2Graphic character, high density dotted
17910110011263b3Box drawing character single vertical line
18010110100264b4Box drawing character single vertical and left line
18110110101265b5ÁCapital letter A with acute accent or A-acute
18210110110266b6ÂLetter A with circumflex accent or A-circumflex
18310110111267b7ÀLetter A with grave accent
18410111000270b8©Copyright symbol
18510111001271b9Box drawing character double line vertical and left
18610111010272baBox drawing character double vertical line
18710111011273bbBox drawing character double line upper right corner
18810111100274bcBox drawing character double line lower right corner
18910111101275bd¢Cent symbol
19010111110276be¥YEN and YUAN sign
19110111111277bfBox drawing character single line upper right corner
19211000000300c0Box drawing character single line lower left corner
19311000001301c1Box drawing character single line horizontal and up
19411000010302c2Box drawing character single line horizontal down
19511000011303c3Box drawing character single line vertical and right
19611000100304c4Box drawing character single horizontal line
19711000101305c5Box drawing character single line horizontal vertical
19811000110306c6ãLowercase letter a with tilde or a-tilde
19911000111307c7ÃCapital letter A with tilde or A-tilde
20011001000310c8Box drawing character double line lower left corner
20111001001311c9Box drawing character double line upper left corner
20211001010312caBox drawing character double line horizontal and up
20311001011313cbBox drawing character double line horizontal down
20411001100314ccBox drawing character double line vertical and right
20511001101315cdBox drawing character double horizontal line
20611001110316ceBox drawing character double line horizontal vertical
20711001111317cf¤Generic currency sign
20811010000320d0ðLowercase letter eth
20911010001321d1ÐCapital letter Eth
21011010010322d2ÊLetter E with circumflex accent or E-circumflex
21111010011323d3ËLetter E with umlaut or diaeresis, E-umlaut
21211010100324d4ÈCapital letter E with grave accent
21311010101325d5ıLowercase dot less i
21411010110326d6ÍCapital letter I with acute accent or I-acute
21511010111327d7ÎLetter I with circumflex accent or I-circumflex
21611011000330d8ÏLetter I with umlaut or diaeresis ; I-umlaut
21711011001331d9Box drawing character single line lower right corner
21811011010332daBox drawing character single line upper left corner
21911011011333dbBlock, graphic character
22011011100334dcBottom half block
22111011101335dd¦Vertical broken bar
22211011110336deÌCapital letter I with grave accent
22311011111337dfTop half block
22411100000340e0ÓCapital letter O with acute accent or O-acute
22511100001341e1ßLetter Eszett ; scharfes S or sharp S
22611100010342e2ÔLetter O with circumflex accent or O-circumflex
22711100011343e3ÒCapital letter O with grave accent
22811100100344e4õLowercase letter o with tilde or o-tilde
22911100101345e5ÕCapital letter O with tilde or O-tilde
23011100110346e6µLowercase letter Mu ; micro sign or micron
23111100111347e7þLowercase letter Thorn
23211101000350e8ÞCapital letter Thorn
23311101001351e9ÚCapital letter U with acute accent or U-acute
23411101010352eaÛLetter U with circumflex accent or U-circumflex
23511101011353ebÙCapital letter U with grave accent
23611101100354ecýLowercase letter y with acute accent
23711101101355edÝCapital letter Y with acute accent
23811101110356ee¯Macron symbol
23911101111357ef´Acute accent
24011110000360f0Congruence relation symbol
24111110001361f1±Plus-minus sign
24211110010362f2underline or underscore
24311110011363f3¾three quarters, three-fourths
24411110100364f4Paragraph sign or pilcrow ; end paragraph mark
24511110101365f5§Section sign
24611110110366f6÷The division sign ; Obelus
24811111000370f8°Degree symbol
25011111010372fa·Interpunct or space dot
25111111011373fb¹Superscript one, exponent 1, first power
25211111100374fc³Superscript three, exponent 3, cube, third power
25311111101375fd²Superscript two, exponent 2, square, second power
25411111110376feblack square
25511111111377ffnbspNon-breaking space or no-break space


维基百科 (ASCII):