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This blog records my study path in Computer Science. It's also a great place for anyone wants to learn with me. The topic range might vary from time to time, but mostly about programming.

Force file download instead of opening in browser Using HTTP Header and Flask

By adding Content-Disposition: attachment HTTP header field to HTTP response in Flask, browser will download the file as an attachment and saved at your laptop's local disk.

How to build IP GeoLocation Service with IP2Location database and SQLite

Lite IP2Location free database provides information include latitude, longitude. By combine IP2Location Database with SQLite, you can build your own IP Geolocation Services.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Oversample and Denoising AutoEncoder (with TensorFlow Source Code)

This paper proposed a denoising autoencoder neural network (DAE) algorithm which can not only oversample minority class sample through misclassification cost, but also denoise and classify the sampled dataset.

CASIA Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network and Similarity Ranking (with TensorFlow Source Code)

This paper proposed to combine cross entropy with similarity ranking function and use it as loss function, SoftMax cross entropy with Average variance similarity produce the highest accuracy on handwritten Chinese characters recognition.